My name is

Torsti Spoof

Music, especially composing, is my passion. I live for music - and from music. This can be heard in every note I write. I’m constantly driven forward by an immense desire to grow as a composer. I want to be a better writer today than I was yesterday - to win myself each day. Loving what I do makes the hard work feel like a privilege.

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New album!

My new album for Universal Production Music Land of The Thousand Lakes 2 has been released.


New music!

Had the pleasure of writing 5 tracks on this new awesome album. ADVENTURIA is an invigorating, melodic, and vibrant orchestral adventure album with emotive choir motifs, big cinematic string arrangements, ethnic percussion patterns, victorious horn and brass themes, and dramatic, sparse and mysterious openings. Composed by Torsti Spoof, Roman Heuser, Gabriel Saban, Philippe Briand, and Alec Johnson.

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About me

My extensive work experience has made me an open-minded and versatile composer. I love combining traditional and organic soundscapes with the sounds of modern technologies. I love catchy melodies.

Even though I nowadays work primarily on orchestral and hybrid music, I also have solid experience in rock, pop and metal music. My long career as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer, and a professional musician has given me a versatile musical and technological skill set for successfully crafting a composition from the first note to a great sounding final product. All this has given me excellent social skills which are the cornerstone of all co-operation.


tel. +358 50 9197395