My name is Torsti Spoof. Music, especially composing, is my passion. I live for music - and from music. This can be heard in every note I write. I’m constantly driven forward by an immense desire to grow as a composer. I want to be a better writer today than I was yesterday - to win myself each day. Loving what I do makes the hard work feel like a privilege. Welcome to my site."



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About me

My extensive work experience has made me an open-minded and versatile composer. I love combining traditional and organic soundscapes with the sounds of modern technologies. I love catchy melodies.

Even though I nowadays work primarily on orchestral and hybrid music, I also have solid experience in rock, pop and metal music. My long career as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer, and a professional musician has given me a versatile musical and technological skill set for successfully crafting a composition from the first note to a great sounding final product. All this has given me excellent social skills which are the cornerstone of all co-operation.


tel. +358 50 9197395